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Discovering Affordability: “Ownership Math for Home Renters”

$1200 per Month Renters will have identical monthly cash needs when they buy a $210,000 home…even though the monthly payments are $200 more.

$1300 per month Renters will have a similar experience with $230,000 Home Ownership……. $1600 Renters will have equal monthly cash flow when they purchase a $270,000 home—even though the Mortgage Payment is $350 MORE!!!!!

MAGIC? NONSENSE?????? NO—- you need to understand Home OWNERSHIP MATH.

Tax deductibility of Mortgage interest and Property taxes allow home owners to provide themselves with a “Take Home Pay Raise”. In anticipation of your reduced taxes you can adjust your present Payroll Taxes and provide yourself with substantial real time cash flow–a Pay Raise!!!

Yes— a $1400 Mortgage payment with added monthly income is LESS than your present $1200 Rental Payment. Yes it is!!!!!!

Additional Math— a Mortgage Payment includes Amortization— a very “kind” Forced savings plan. Assume 1% per year…$2000 dollars.

The new home you buy?— a very modest assumption of 1-2% growth in Market Valuation adds an additional 2000-$5000 per year of WEALTH for the average Fist Time Home Buyer.
The real reason to own a home is YOU…your family…your life. Your Knowledge of Ownership Math makes it possible.

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