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Rates Under 4%… Lock now!…ask questions Later!!!!

They’re at it again!!!!! The Fed?…The Banks? NO!!!!! The Bad Actors in this world are doing all they can to help YOU lower your Mortgage Rates.

Simply put, bad things in the world cause a “flight to safety” with investment dollars—-those dollars flood the Bond and Mortgage Security Markets in search of SAFETY. They will accept low returns to Hide Money and keep it safe.

The result is LOWER RATES.

Ebola…World Financial Markets…Stagnant Business Growth….. The world at War!!!! It’s sad…. It’s grim to know that it helps you as a borrower. It’s TRUE!!!!

Lock now! Refinance with a lower rate and eliminate PMI. Consolidate. It’s a tough world and it can get harsher. Quick planning and action now put you in a better place

Eric Raffle
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