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Mortgage Rate Gift Horse—Last Legs????

30 year Mortgage Rates continue to dip below 4%…. FHA Mortgage Insurance has been slashed….
…PSST!!!!! “The Gettin’ is Good!!!!!!” Buy it!!! Refinance it!!!! Save yourself some Money—- This will not last!!!

Several “Fed Experts” have peppered the market with statements that the FED is just a month or so away from it’s ascent to Market Based Rates. Pressure will build as the Feds over nite lending rates to banks begin to push Prime and Other Bank rates Higher. That pressure will lift Mortgage Rates Meaningfully.

Who can Save now?…who can Beat the Rate Rise? Do you Have:

1. PMI on your Loan???…. do a 3 minute consult with a Good Mortgage Expert
2. An FHA Loan done in the past 3 years????—- Rates AND PMI are Lower—-it may be possible to eliminate your PMI Totally!
3. 2 Loans on your Property????— think of combining…call a Mortgage Expert
4. More than $10,000 of Non Mortgage Debt— think of consolidating!!!

Eric Raffle

Global Mortgage, Warminster Pa
Licensed PA and NJ