Mortgage FAQs

Can I come to your Office?

Yes…  I’m available to meet with you at my office…or your office.   We can schedule at any time.

What is your availability?

730am to 10 PM…Every Day…EVERY DAY!  Try Me!  267-939-0765. If you don’t reach me directly, I will return your call VERY SOON!

How Quickly do you do Pre-Approvals?

Depending on your Readiness….generally the same day. Quicker as needed.

Are your Rates Higher or Lower than “my bank”?

We are Priced to WIN…For YOU!  Our process is leaner and smarter than most corner banks. It is VERY USUAL that we will “outlend” a bank on their own products!  We offer a far greater array of expertise and Loan  Products .

Why are you so easy to work with?

We do Home Loans… We ONLY do Home Loans. We have to be Smarter..Faster…KINDER than our competitors……. and we enjoy being and doing good at this!!!!!

What Kinds of Properties do you Finance?

We Finance Residential Real Estate… Primary Residences, Vacation Homes, Rental Properties.  We also do a select mix of Commercial Lending, as appropriate.

How can you help me?

We can help you BUY a Home…. We can help you Consolidate Debt.  We can help you pay to make your home Bigger or More Beautiful. We can help you when you need the Cash Equity in your Home.

We can help you own your home Better and Cheaper…. we can help you own a Better Home!

What else should I know?

We are Smart. We are Fast. We are KIND….this is MOST Important to us. We do good work and we do it with vigor and honesty, and ALWAYS with the highest regard for Your Outcomes.